Maxine Du Val

President / CEO
Du Val International, Inc.
Chef Placement Services

Internationally recognized by the world’s exclusive resorts, hotels, country clubs, and restaurants as the premier specialist in chef search

We welcome the opportunity to find ‘chef right’ for your kitchen! We carefully screen professional chefs for your position from our efficient data base and extensive network of contacts. Our candidates are obtained through recruiting and referrals.

We provide:

    1. Extensive background investigations, evaluation of references and qualifications.
    2. Careful consideration when matching requirements and goals of client companies and qualifications and goals of our chefs.
    3. Honesty, integrity and confidentiality when dealing with both clients and chefs.
    4. Perpetual counseling

    Placing the right Chef in the right property is an Art, one which we are uniquely qualified.

    Our Guarantee:

    • Thorough screening and reference checks
    • Highest code of ethics and strict confidentiality
    • Finding best matched candidates to suit your needs
    • Candidates are fully guaranteed for a period of twelve (12) months with replacement of original chef once at no additional charge, if necessary

    Fulfilling your criteria is our primary concern. We want to be the solution to your staffing needs, not your last option!

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