Maxine DuVal

President / CEO
DuVal International, Inc.

By filling out the form below, you agree to the following:

I hereby request the services of DU VAL INTERNATIONAL to assist me in securing an acceptable position with an employer who will pay the fee to DU VAL INTERNATIONAL in connection with this placement.
I understand and agree:

  1. That DU VAL INTERNATIONAL does not guarantee to secure employment for me, nor does it warrant permanent tenure, company paid remuneration, working conditions and/or other terms not expressly represented herein, and that the services or obligations of DU VAL INTERNATIONAL are completed in full upon my acceptance of a position.
  2. To regard all knowledge and information, oral or written, from DU VAL INTERNATIONAL as private and confidential and to report immediately to DU VAL INTERNATIONAL the results of my interview resulting from the efforts thereof.
  3. That the term “acceptance”, as used in this agreement, shall be construed to mean my agreement with the employer to begin work, and that my acceptance of a position therewith shall constitute conclusive evidence of my thorough understanding of the terms of employment, responsibilities, duties, compensation, starting date, and fee arrangement. That under no circumstances will I decline or refuse a position without first counseling with DU VAL INTERNATIONAL and/or their authorized representative. Also, after acceptance of a position, I will not report to work until DU VAL INTERNATIONAL authorizes my starting date in writing.
  4. I recognize and understand that DU VAL INTERNATIONAL guarantees my longevity on a position to the employer and I also hereby understand that (A) if I fail to report to work, after accepting a position, or (B) if I am discharged for cause (i.e. drunkenness, misrepresentation of qualifications or skills, or disorderly conduct) I could be obligated to pay a reasonable replacement fee to DU VAL INTERNATIONAL. Any action instituted by DU VAL INTERNATIONAL, if necessary, shall be instituted and pursued in DU VAL INTERNATIONAL’S home county only without provision for change of venue and shall include reasonable attorney fees.
  5. That when DU VAL INTERNATIONAL arranges an interview, I am representing the professional reputation of DU VAL INTERNATIONAL. I agree to follow all interviewing advice given by DU VAL INTERNATIONAL, failure to do so could obligate me to pay interviewing expenses.
  6. I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and that this instrument shall comprise the entire agreement by and between DU VAL INTERNATIONAL and the undersigned.

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